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Benefits of Exhibiting


For every business to flourish, through the year they need to be a part of various exhibitions and trade fairs. Trade fair is the answer for the growing demand of businesses when it comes to effective and cost effective advertising. They are frequently used by companies who want to launch new products to the public. Indeed trade fair is very advantageous for any type of business for it allows them to have direct contact with their prospects. This way they can generate leads and increase customer traffic.

The Indian economy is growing by leaps and bounds and there are various ever-growing industries that are contributing to increasing the nationís coffers/funds/contributions. One such industry is that of Event Management. During the early part of the 1900s the industry had spent up to Rs. 20 Crores, per annum on events. And in the last couple of years, all the event companies are spending to the tune of approximately Rs. 1,800 Crores, per annum.


Trade Fair is a different way of promoting a product, service or idea. If an trade fair is managed efficiently and effectively, it can be used as a very powerful promotional tool to launch or market a product or service. It requires certain core values to be deployed to every element, process and decision to justify professional approach and achieve effective and efficient results.


And trade fairs presents a win win situation for both the consumers and the companies. These trade fairs are one of the best way to expand and learn about the new business strategies and market conditions of any country.


Considering such a vital part of Trade Fairs, We (Services International) come together to bring to you the leading commercial exhibition destination. From organizing global events to developing dynamic commercial environments to providing seamless value added services, we are dedicated to creating unique and outstanding customer experience.


We believe in reaching out to the maximum spectrum in a limited time spam through  quality exhibitions. 


The success of exhibition lies on the success of its exhibitors. This is the reason; we are identifying the right market, the right niche and the right opportunity for everybody.


Services International's prime objective is to provide high level standards to buyers and sellers and setting unmatched and unique industry standards. We take pride of holding maximum number of  quality shows.


Role of Exhibitions in the Marketing Mix?

  • Assessment of buyer/consumer reaction

  • Market Research

  • Product display and launch

  • Competition tracking

  • Increase market share

  • Networking with new & existing markets, agents and distributors

  • A platform, where the end users interact with you face-to-face customer contact, which is the best way to build on relationships as well as develop new  ones with potential customers